About St. Luke’s Academy

14 years ago we started as Casa Dei Bambini Montessori school with 4 students, all the while staying true to the beliefs, theories and mission of Maria Montessori’s teachings.

Due to the need for a private primary school with an international curriculum to complement the syllabus as set by the Ministry Of Education on the West Coast and the dwindling demand for preschools up to 4yrs+, St. Luke's Academy was established in 2016.

St Lukes Academy General Information Booklet

St Luke’s Academy General Information Booklet

For more information about us please download our St Luke’s Academy General Information Booklet using the link below.

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Mission and Values.

Our goal is to nurture the academic as well as holistic development of our students within a safe, healthy and richly stimulating environment, always inspiring excellence .

We strive for each student to find continued joy in learning, while improving self-discipline, critical thinking and planning skills. Throughout it all, we aim for our students to learn a deep respect for their classmates, teachers and to develop a commitment to participating in the community of the classroom, the school, our island and the world, all with the support of our Christian environment.

Our Values:

  • Respect for all and everything around us
  • Education is alive, it jumps off the page!
  • The importance of family spirit in a faith community
  • Inspiring Excellence , always putting your best foot forward
  • Commitment to our environment
  • Creative thinking
  • Fair, honest, respectful and constructive students